This is our house and here – our family. We go to Poland by car a lot, every 6 weeks, whenever the kids have holidays. … We go visit my dad. I don’t work so I always go with the kids. My husband joins us whenever he can. If he can’t stay with us, he drives us there and comes back here on his own and then he picks us up and sometimes stays over the weekend. … What else? We go to church regularly, we have a lot of friends there. I’m active in church too: right now I’m helping children prepare for their first communion. … The sun – because, I mean, I like life here in Germany, I don’t know. The clouds maybe because now it’s a bit – I guess I put them there because my dad always used to draw a picture like that: a little house, clouds, the mountains, birds, a fence, a well. And a chimney, here, that’s a picture he always drew so maybe this is why I see it like this.