So – this is me, my daughter, and my husband. My husband and daughter are quite happy, they’re smiling. My husband is happy with his job. My daughter has friends. She started kindergarten here. This is our daily route: kindergarten – home, home – kindergarten. And so the truth is that one is all the time with one’s thoughts in Poland, despite the life here – a life which, well, is not bad. But one misses the life in Poland. I don’t know, maybe I came here too late. [What do you miss most?] My own language. A language I can speak spontaneously. Speaking German is a struggle and one does not speak it spontaneously. Though it depends on who [one speaks] with. I can tell that one speaks a bit differently with foreigners than with Germans because sometimes it is enough to say a couple of words and it is clear what one means. With a German, I have to make more effort so that the sentences are grammatically correct and that, I guess, is my biggest problem here, from the very beginning – always the language. … The language is still an obstacle despite all my efforts. I’ve already been here for four years so that’s quite a long time, but I still don’t speak the way I would like to.