These are my two daughters, in case that’s not clear from the picture. One is 14, the other one is 3, and I’m 39. The city is green, everything is nearby, lots of buildings everywhere, small buildings – and that’s why I feel good here. Above all: escalators everywhere. Wherever I go, I have no problem getting on the subway or on the tram with a stroller. That’s the main thing I noticed after moving here. It makes life easy. Another thing I really like about Munich is that you can get everywhere by bike. The bike is a must here. And a bike seat in the back, for the child – I don’t like those front ones because I don’t like it myself when the wind blows into my face and I didn’t want to do that to my kid. It’s better when she’s behind me. So life in Munich is very pleasant for me, there are lots of things to do, lots of fun stuff – let’s mark those orange. Lots and lots of museums. That’s Munich for me. … The city is very green. More than twenty percent of the city is green, lots of parks. You don’t have concrete housing estates here, no, it is a very green city. There are wild forests, there are parks, there are mountains, lakes, the English Garden – the biggest garden in the world – and these are all great things for a kid. … Bike paths are everywhere. It’s easiest to move around the city by bike. Ever since I started living here, I haven’t had a car because it makes no sense, it simply makes no sense – neither when it comes to time, nor financially. No matter where one lives in the city, it’s not further from the center than half an hour by bike, even in the most distant neighborhoods. And you can bike through green areas or on bike paths.