I live in Munich with my children and that makes me very happy. This is a heart – I am happy with how our everyday looks, that the kids are healthy, that’s most important for me, that we all love each other, that there’s harmony in our house, that’s most important for me, that’s why I drew the heart, right? Then the rest. The sun because I associate the sun with something joyful, pleasant, warm, and nice and I think that our house is like that, sunny. My son also always draws little suns which means he’s well. I associate it with warmth, pleasure, lightness, joy and that’s how I feel about being a mother in Munich. Flowers stand for nature – also something positive, colorful, pretty, something pleasant. I like flowers very much and my son also loves flowers. And [baby] Kasia likes flowers too, I’m sure. A rainbow is something that doesn’t happen often, only under special conditions … and when Marek sees a rainbow, he is so impressed and it’s nice to look at it, and I think we also have a rainbow in our home, in our life, that it appears even during the more difficult moments, it is present even if something happens. … The nature that surrounds us here is a great treasure. It is such a well kempt city, it is orderly, it is tidy, it’s not messy or neglected, as it often happens in some neighborhoods in Poland, no. … The bike is a sign that being a mother in Munich is about being active, it’s full of outdoor activities. … That’s it, exactly, spending time actively, outdoors, the nature, lots of colors – that is what I associate with mothering here.