How to depict it visually: I will use flags to represent it because here everything is about flags. Very well then, here we have the Swiss flag, yes? Here the Polish one. Here the Italian – no, the German one. And here the Italian one. That would be it. What else? Here we have a cute little girl, with long hair. I don’t know how to draw. She has a big smile. And here little Tom whose smile is even bigger. And here is dad. He is wearing shorts, he has no hair. And me, I should be wearing pants too cause I never wear skirts. This is how I would depict it. Exactly like this. It’s simply chaos, in a way. This is how I would depict it. So that it’s all [connected]. Because in our house everything happens triple-track, quadruple-track, something like this. This is how I would depict it. Here. I don’t know if this is Munich or if this is simply our own constellation. My husband is Swiss Italian. … Italian is his mother tongue. And Poland – that’s me, a Pole through and through, for generations. Germany – because that’s where we ended up and where we live. Italy – because it’s about the language. … You know, I’m not sure about Munich – Munich is our family. I would say that this could be anywhere else, only this one flag would change.