This is our family in Poland. It’s enormous. It’s really big. I could draw even more people here. My husband and I both have big families in Poland. I have three sisters and each of them has her own family. My husband has two siblings and they have their families. And this is us. And they’re all there. We’re here and it’s very nice. We have the lakes and the mountains and we can do various things, but we’re alone, we don’t have any family here. … We don’t go to Poland that often, maybe three times a year. Everyone in my family has come to visit us once, to see how we live, and I can’t talk them into visiting us again. Besides, it’s not cheap. You need to have at least 1000 zlotych to come to us: to pay for the return trip and have some money to spend here. But we get visits from my husband’s family basically every year. They can afford more and they’re used to traveling so they always make sure to fly through Munich when they go on vacation abroad. … It’s really very far away. We have to drive for twelve hours, so all night or all day. And the distance seems very long to me. But we’re in touch non stop. My sisters and I are on WhatsApp so I know exactly what they had for dinner. We’re very close.