Beautiful eyes this little lady has, right? They’re the color of the ocean. Now, we have the white, snow-covered tops of the Alps, so [I’ll draw] the mountains here. What else? Because this here [in the middle] is my baby’s face. It’s not a very good rendition, I know, but – [switching to address her daughter] you have my ears so you’ll have small ears here, and here you’ll have red cheeks. I hope you won’t, but you probably will. What else? Lots of stairs. I don’t know if you noticed, but one enters my apartment building through four steps. This buggy weighs twelve kilos and I’ve just had a Cesarean, I can’t lift it. And with her inside, she weighs four kilos, that adds up to sixteen. There’s just no chance. Sixteen kilos!… And instead of making a simple ramp, they installed a seat for the old people. But if you have a buggy, you can’t enter the building easily. … I’ll have to come up with a strategy, maybe I’ll take her in my arms and let the buggy drop with my other hand, I don’t know. Four steps – and they take away so much from me! Munich – what else is nice about Munich, besides the mountains, besides the steps that annoy us, I don’t know – my wonderful company, which is developing all the time, so here, this is an Apple computer. … And that’s it, I guess, because generally it’s all about work and the little one.