For now, I mostly spend my time with Julek because he doesn’t go to kindergarten yet. So here is a slide. And so when the weather is nice, like today, then we go to a playground. We also have a lake nearby and we use it in the summer. … In a moment, I’ll have to go pick up Kasia from the kindergarten so on our way there Julek and I will stop at the playground, he’ll run to the swing, the slide, and that’s how it is everyday. Later I’ll start preparing dinner, then we sometimes have extracurricular activities such as ballet. I also used to take the older kids to sports classes. Now they go on their own. The oldest daughter bikes to her classes here in the neighborhood. So, yes, that’s what it’s about: home, around home, and that’s it. On Saturdays we have the Polish school and on Sundays our family goes to church and sometimes we manage to see friends too. That’s how it looks.