This here, these are skis. I want to learn skiing. Because we go to the mountains quite often. That’s the only good thing about Munich, you can reach so many places in no time, right? … This is a Spielplatz [playground], a normal family life. We have a garden here, but also about 250 m away from here there’s a huge Spielplatz and there’s also a fenced Sportanlage [outdoor gym], with a sort of a stepper and stuff, really, it’s huge, gigantic, and it’s awesome. There’s a huge sandbox, gigantic slides, both for bigger and smaller kids, right? For grown-ups too. That’s really great because Tomek has a lot of fun there and I can work out a bit. … I go there twice a week, after I pick him up from kindergarten. And always with the baby because I have no one to leave him with, right? So he always comes with us and Tomek has a bit of Spaß [fun], his friends go there too, so that’s good. With their mommies, right? … They’re mostly Germans or Czechs. I don’t really hang out with Poles much. So from them I learn a bit, they tell me what to do with the kids, where to go, cause I have no idea, I’ve only been here for a year. … They’re all from our kindergarten, right? Because, privately, I don’t even have a chance to meet anyone because I’m tied at home with the kids. … So the skis because we go to the mountains a lot and we go up in a cable car and I have a fear of heights, right? So we go to the mountains so that I can beat that fear. I can’t look down at all, but I enjoy being in the mountains. So practically once a month we spend a weekend in the mountains. We take the car and we go, right? … And this here is the Isar because we go to various festivals which take place around there. We also barbeque there with family or we simply just go and hang out there. Or we go to the English Garden. So, yeah, family outings to the city, to the parks, so that we don’t get stuck here in our garden or at home. … And during those various fests, I put on the dirndl, right? Sven puts on his lederhosen, and we dress Tomek up, we dress all the kids up, and we go, right? Even if it has nothing to do with Oktoberfest. … I like that. I like the tradition, that there is this something that connects people, that they put on the dirndl or the lederhosen, and that’s really cute. … I don’t like beer, but I like Oktoberfest, but only up to a certain point, not when people start getting pissed drunk and vomit under the trees, right?