This is me, this is Nick, these are trees. This is the weather: it rains. These buildings stand for the Black Country – the industrial district. This is what I associate with Birmingham, the sort of industrial landscape. Because here where we live, the landscape is more suburban. And up in the north, the landscape is more industrial. It is not a beautiful city though it does have its nice parts. And the trees? It’s quite green here, in the area in which we live. It’s not far from Solihull. It’s not bad. There are lots of playgroups like this one here [we met in a Polish playgroup in her neighborhood]. What’s good about living here is that people are used to seeing moms with strollers, so you can go to a restaurant without being embarrassed. There’s a bit more freedom here, compared to Poland. Motherhood is treated as something natural. No one looks at you in a strange way when a child starts screaming at a table. People accept it as a normal part of nature.