Here I would draw my little girl’s blue sweater — that’s her school sweater — that’s what I associate with being a mom. … She’s in a Catholic school — but, just to be very clear, I am not a devout Catholic myself, absolutely not, no no. I picked this school because I think that our religion is sort of closely tied with our Polish tradition. Christian holidays, like Christmas, are not really religious holidays to me, they’re family events. What else do I associate with being a mom here? Drawing — my little one brings me drawings every day. … She likes creative things. There’s a creative corner at her after-school club and she always sits there and brings back home whatever she drew that day. And very often it’s [a drawing of] mama, Julia, and Janek, my partner — he’s not Julia’s dad, but he is very involved in bringing her up and to her he’s… sometimes she calls him ‘fiancé’ so I guess he is a male role model for her. I would also draw a dog here because Julia got a little dog for her birthday. … What I also associate with motherhood is home, as a building, but also as the atmosphere that is in it. Spending time together — that is, not [watching] television, but spending time together. For me, excursions are very important. This coming Sunday we are going to something called orienteering: so there’s a map, a compass, and you need to use it to get where you are supposed to get. My little Julia loves such tasks and now we decided we would go take part in something like this to sort of strengthen our relationship, to spend time together. We are also going on vacation. I also think that vacation is extremely important to strengthen family because then you don’t watch TV, but spend time together, swimming. Motherhood is also an enormous heart, that is, enormous love for the child. Motherhood is also values — the values my mom passed on to me and which I now pass on to Julia. I don’t know how to call it. It is definitely not about money. V-a-l-u-e. Motherhood is also having meals together: breakfasts, dinners. So this here is breakfast.