I’m happy and unhappy. Happy that I can provide for my son. I can give him everything I want and everything I expect. And unhappy that he’s far from his grandma. But I have no idea how to draw it. … Can I take a look at your map? … Green – because here it is really much easier to raise a child and there’s – I could say there’s some help from the state, but I practically don’t use it. But if I had to, I think it would be easier. In Poland, I think it would be more difficult, that’s why I marked it red. I will also mark the distance red because I think that when it comes to grandparents – that’s really a minus that they’re far away, they don’t have everyday contact with [their grandson]. And with my sister too. … I think it’s easier in England. The friend who used to live with us here, now he has a child in Poland and he says he has to pay for medications, he has to pay for milk – I would also have to pay for milk, but as my child is allergic, we get a Nutramigen prescription and all the prescribed medications for children up to the age of 16, I think, though I may be wrong, are free here. All the vaccinations are free. We only spend money on diapers. The clothes – we either get from someone or sometimes we’ll buy something, but for me – I have nothing against my child wearing second-hand clothes and as at work we recently have had a baby boom, over the last four years, children’s clothes get passes on from one friend to another. And one can go to a car boot sale, in the meadows, where for pennies, really – because one blouse or a skirt costs 20 p, they’re used, but they’re new. I recently bought two bags of clothes for my godson and I paid 5 pounds, maybe 10, because the more you buy, the lower the price. … I always send stuff to Poland via a courier service and when my sister was there now she already took some stuff with her [to the US]. Now her husband is coming [to Poland] to pick up their son and my mom so I’m sure they’ll take the bags with clothes I have just mailed over. And when their son grows out of his clothes, my sister ships them over to Poland and mom sends them via courier over here. This really costs next to nothing when compared to the amount of stuff. She ships it – I think she pays 20 dollars for a package and a heavy one too because there, in the States, she buys lots of stuff on sale: small stuff for the kitchen for mom or for the house and all the stuff after her son: a playhouse, even a stroller. So, yeah, we don’t spend so much money. [Interviewer: So your sister ships stuff to you and your parents?] No, no, she ships everything to Poland because there’s a good shipping connection between the States and Poland. That package comes to my parents’ home in Poland and they rent a courier and he comes to pick up the stuff and two days later he’s here. And everything arrives here. If we buy something once, it simply circulates. We only pay for the transport and that is a very low amount when compared to how much we would pay for buying the same things again. [returning to the drawing] And here, also, from sister and from me, green lines, this is help, sister to Poland, and mom: from Poland to us. [Interviewer: What do you do with the clothes your baby grows out of?] For now, I collect them because we’re trying to have another baby. We’d like to have a girl, but if it turns out to be a boy – we’ll have everything we need. The attic is already full. I slowly started selling the stuff we don’t need to make room for new things. … I had a standing mirror in the bedroom – now it’s obsolete because the baby’s cot is standing there. … We also received a couple of things for the baby from friends: a highchair, for example. But because my sister sent us this one – and it’s better than the other one we got – I promised some friends that we’ll give it to them, but it’s so deep up in the attic that my partner can’t reach it. So I said that as soon as we clean up the attic, I’ll pass it on to them. Because the things I got for free, I also try to give away for free. Now it just turned out that three more of my friends are pregnant so I’ll definitely have people to pass stuff on to.