I have no idea what to start with. There are so many things to do here… My kids’ favorite place is that large library because you can see the entire city from the rooftop – they don’t care much for Shakespeare yet! And they sometimes have various activities for kids. My mom took them to one of such events last year, when she was visiting and I wanted to finally get them all out of the house. I generally avoid taking them places where one has to pay for entertainment because… because I can provide them better entertainment myself.  No, no, it’s just the level of these events in this city is not adequate, especially if you consider how much they charge. So when we go there, we go to the rooftop, we walk around the library. Kuba loves books, he’s a “bookofile” so the library is second home for him. Or it should be, I mean, Kuba is like me: he needs to own a book in order to read it. So he got a kindle and now he reads on kindle – it’s much cheaper and it means fewer books in the house. I drew a bus because we go everywhere by bus – or by bike, but recently I’ve been having a sports crisis and don’t even use the bike, I don’t feel like it, I’m lazy. Oh, I forgot the most important thing: I should have started with a camera. Because here, in this crazy country, I started taking photos. … I did take pictures before – but not for money. And here I got myself a full-on professional Canon – before, I had a much more modest type. So yes, we take pictures everywhere. So I always carry a gigantic bag or backpack with me which weighs, like, 700 kg, and when I get back home and have to work on all these photos. … I take photos of children. Also of my children, because they’re always around, and Janek, the younger one, is a perfect model, very photogenic, so then I have very pretty pictures for the website. Generally, I try to work in children’s photography though I have also organized various events for moms such as “metamorphoses,” and I was even happier with the end results than when it comes to baby photo sessions. … I drew Sutton Park – with the trees trimmed by cows that graze there – because whenever we can, we go to any park, most often by bike, if it’s not too far, or – I also drew a canal here cause there are some canals not far from our house – we bike along the canals, on and on and on and on. And a barge: so, first of all, a dream [Kaja had confessed she would love to live on a house boat] and, secondly, we love to walk along the canals.