How is it for me to be a mom in Birmingham? It’s a five-day working week and a weekend. But I don’t know how to draw it. … Hmm, ok, so this will be a working week… seven parts… four full working days, Friday half-time, and the weekend. And so: the time for kids is after work – maybe I’ll mark it green as something positive – and nearly all of Friday, and Saturday and Sunday. That’s how it is for me to be a mom in Birmingham. Oh, and the mornings too. So in the morning I take my kids to school and preschool, then I go to work: I start at 8.30. I finish at 5 from Monday till Thursday. On Fridays it’s shorter because I finish at 12. And after that I have time to be a mom. And what do I do as a mom? Dinners, homework, we draw, we play, we bathe, we brush our teeth – everything, everyday things, Monday through Friday. On weekends we can go out because there’s more time. On Fridays we often meet with [the children’s] friends after school. At about 3 pm the kids still have enough energy to play because Monday through Thursday, when I pick them up at 6, there’s only time for dinner: we eat, we bathe, we watch cartoons, we read books, and we go to sleep.