I express myself verbally. I have a problem drawing. I don’t know what I should draw for you. … This is the place where I spend most time being a mom. It is a mini… — it’s England, they call things, like the thing here, outside the window [a canal], they call a river, so this place is called a park – but, really, it is a mini playground on our street. I go there everyday, after preschool. Because right now, we are in the “swing phase” and so when I pick him up, we stop by the house quickly to drop our things, get something to drink, and we go. He doesn’t want to be at home at all. He’d like to be outdoors all the time. Now that Jim finishes work earlier then me, he usually picks him up and I join them on the playground after I’m done here at 6. Yesterday, I went straight home to cook dinner cause there was nothing to eat. Today, we’re going to eat what I cooked yesterday so I don’t have to worry about it. I always cook for two days, I don’t have time for everyday cooking. … Being a mom in Birmingham, I associate it with being in a big city, there’s little time, that’s why during the week we go to the park alone, it’s difficult to meet up with anyone. … I don’t know, I have a feeling many people don’t go to playgrounds during the week. On weekends, they’re overcrowded, you have to cue for the swing. Our park is close by and even on weekend there aren’t that many people because it’s not a park, it’s a playground, and in those parks – Alex is obsessed with swings to the point that my arms hurt, my back hurts so we do only that.