This is my child who is clinging on to me. In my case, it is racing against time. Racing against time. And here I drew my child clinging on to me because the time spent with him is very intense – it’s a physically intense time. We are glued to each other for a long time after I come back home. He likes hugging and cuddling. And that is what he cares about most – the contact he misses during the day. … This is my way to work, this is my hair, blown by the wind  No, I don’t drive a convertible, but the constant, constant, constant stress and rushing. And traffic. … And this is the greatest difficulty, that there is no back-up plan. If my husband is not there and I have to pick up our son, it sometimes doesn’t matter what time I leave work, if you get stuck in traffic – that’s it, and there’s no way out.