This is our house. This is Ania’s school. This is Olaf’s preschool. They’re all near each other. … And our life mainly revolves around work, school, preschool. Like that. Olaf goes to preschool three days a week, I go to work full-time, my husband is home with him on Thursdays and Fridays. … My husband is, so to say, very, ehm, not domestic, that’s the wrong word. We have a very good relationship: he is very engaged in domestic matters and because I currently earn more than him, we decided that I’ll go back to work and he’ll be with the little one. And on the days he doesn’t work, he also takes Ania to school. On the days we both work, we all go together: to preschool, to school, to work. Ania goes to an after-school club and I can pick her up only at about 4 pm. … What’s problematic is the cost of preschool: 45 pounds per day. That’s why he goes there only three days a week, not five, cause when we calculated all the costs… And for Ania’s after school club — we pay 15 pounds a day. So the costs accumulate. Grandparents in England do not get involved as much as grandparents in Poland. Although… they help sometimes, when we want to go out — my husband and I, we both like theater — they’ll come over to look after the kids. If they’re around, that is. Because they’re both retired and spend a lot of time traveling. So even though they live only 15 km away from us, the last time we saw them was two months ago.