It’s mainly about the rain. It’s incessant. Sure, one can play outdoors with a child also when it rains, but, unfortunately, it rains all the time. It’s hard to imagine. The last three days, it rained nonstop. Today is the first time this week that it is not raining. And so the truth is that children get bored here. It’s impossible to meet up, go to a swimming pool, anything. So I drew a window here, with incessant rain behind it. I’m not going to draw myself looking out this window. So, to put it plainly, it’s just boredom: boredom, boredom, great boredom. There’s no entertainment for the kids. The only entertainment, sometimes, is meeting up with friends whose kids are locked home anyway. When it comes to education: my little one started preschool when he was three. It wasn’t obligatory. I was legible for 15 hours a week. It was very difficult for him because of the language – we speak Polish at home, we have Polish tv and so on. I didn’t care much about the English language because I knew we would be going back to Poland anyway. So maybe it was a mistake, on the one hand, but I didn’t want to put pressure on the child. And so it was a difficult experience for him, he didn’t want to go to that preschool, but I knew I had to prepare him, somehow, because a year later he would have to start school. It’s obligatory. For me, for a four-year old, six hours of classes is just way too long. My little one would come back home extremely tired, he would immediately fall asleep, until his body got used to such an exhilarating effort. So I had a problem with that. I didn’t want him to fall asleep because then he didn’t want to go to bed at night. So this is another thing I don’t like here: the education is much too long for a small child like this. … Maybe right now, as we’re talking, I can’t think of so many bad things, but if we had more time, I would definitely remember all the negative things about living here.