Alright, I drew something like this. That is, I have near me the people I love most in the whole world: my daughter and my mom. And a smile — because life here makes it possible for us to be happy to some degree. So, as I said, the reality in Poland is what it is, and here one can lead a life on a certain level, even being a single mom, right? … In my case — I’m a single mom — and, really, the state helps a lot, a lot. Without it, without all the help from the state, it would be difficult, really. We’re foreigners and they help us as much as they help their own people. That’s a big plus. A minus? I don’t know if there’s one. The minus is that one doesn’t work in an area one would like to work in. We learned, we studied in Poland — most of the people who come here really are educated, they have university diplomas, but they work in a warehouse. Because they have no work in their country, or they do, but so what if they can’t lead their lives because the job they have does not allow them to rent an apartment and survive. So the minus is that we had to leave and we have to work in warehouses even though we have our educations, but, unfortunately, without experience, here in this country, without the language, without fluent knowledge of English, one will not make a career here.