Ok, that’s it. This is our house. The only entertainment in Birmingham is to take a walk, go to a store. And this [playgroup], right? I leave the house everyday unless it is very rainy. The little one gets cranky if we stay at home. I come here [to this playgroup] on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it’s an English playgroup, a general one, for everybody, and on Fridays – for Polish moms. And on Mondays I go to yet another group. Wednesdays are sort of free – sometimes I’ll stay at home, clean up, do the laundry or go to the park, even though there are no parks anywhere near us, we have to make an effort. … The neighborhood is terrible, the house is terrible, everything is terrible. It’s England, what else to expect? Everything is terrible. The people. There’s no money — actually, just like in Poland. But in Poland, at least you have a family and here — no money and no family. If it weren’t for the little one, I would definitely not be here. I hate it here. We would like to move to Poland, but there’s time. First we need to save money, if we find any.