This is a swing. A slide. Me and my little one. Because we go to playgrounds here. Nothing special, really. But, anyhow, there’s always a place to go somewhere, to meet other parents, other children. I have a feeling, sometimes, it’s cleaner than in Poland. Generally, I feel good here. It’s not bad. I’m content. But, as I say, I do miss the family. But the state also tries to take care of single mothers. Generally, as I say, the country here takes care of children, this is their priority: everything for the little human –because he’ll grow up to be a big one, so they try to take care. And they take care of single mothers, they try to give them life. [Interviewer: How does it work?] Financially, and, generally, through various courses and support groups or something. It’s there, but one needs to show interest. I don’t make use of any of that, but it’s good to know it’s there: if I wanted to use it, it’s there. I don’t have to feel ashamed to ask for help – they’re open. What matters most is a happy child. Actually, my little one keeps asking: why aren’t we living in Poland? We go, once or twice a year. She likes it there. She gets there what she doesn’t have here: a house full of children. And even if she goes to play outside, in front of the apartment block, there are lots of kids. And here, this quietness, even the playgrounds – sometimes when you go there, it’s not always… I sometimes meet some people. It’s nice – people start chatting about kids, the kids play together. It’s nice. … I have met some Polish mothers here. I was surprised: I didn’t think any Poles lived around here. But recently I met a Polish woman and she’s very nice. She has two sons – unfortunately sons because my daughter prefers to play with girls. But the kids are happy to see each other because they need to have contact, that’s most important.